Quick Start

Quick Start

Below are the instructions for entering your first score in NoteAbilityPro

  1. Touch the File icon on the Main toolbar in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose New Score from the top of the menu that appears.
  3. In the New Score panel that appears:
    • Give a title to your composition: "Ode to Joy"
    • Enter the composer name:"Beethoven"
    • Enter a file name to save the file:"ode"
    • touch the Add Instrument button to add a piano staff.
    • touch the Create New Score button to create your piano score

    The Entry Cursor (which is where notes will appear), is located on the first beat of the first measure on the top staff.
  4. Touch the Keyboard icon on the Main toolbar to show the keyboard.
  5. A quarter note (crotchet) is selected by default on the top toolbar , so quarter notes are ready to be entered in your score. Enter the following notes by touching the keys on the Piano Keyboard just above middle C4 (the red note on the keyboard):
    E4 E4 F4 G4
    G4 F4 E4 D4
    C4 C4 D4 E4
    that should fill 3 measures of your score with quarter notes.
  6. Touch on the Add Dot button to change the note value to a dotted quarter note and play the note E4.
  7. Touch the Eighth note (quaver) button and play the note D4.
  8. Touch the Half note (minim) button and play the note D4.
  9. Now bring the Entry Cursor back to the first measure of the score but on the second staff. Do this by touching the place on the second staff that you want the Entry Cursor to appear and holding your finger down until the entry Cursor is properly located at beat 1.0:

  10. Touch the Whole note (semibreve) button and play the note C3 (an octave below Middle C) on the keyboard followed by G3 then E3 then G3.
  11. Return the Entry Cursor to the first beat of the first measure by touching and holding the Entry Cursor back button on the Main Toolbar.
  12. While still on the bottom staff, switch to a voice with stems up by touching the stem direction button once so it changes from: to:
  13. With the Whole note (semibreve) still selected, play Middle C4 followed by B3 (a step below) followed by C4.
  14. Choose both the quarter note button and the add dot button and play the note C4.
  15. Choose the Eighth note (quaver) button and play the note B3.
  16. Choose the Half note (minim) button and play the note B3.
  17. Increase the number of measures on the first system by clicking on the + button located on the right side of the first system.
  18. Add a dynamic mark (f) to the score by selecting the Dynamics category button in the middle of the toolbars and selecting the forte button on the row of dynamic buttons. Touching the score at the beginning of first measure between the staves. Keep your finger on the screen until the dynamic marking is placed correctly below the first note of the score.
  19. Drag the Entry Cursor to the fourth measure (the last one that has music on it) by touching in the drag area in the Entry Cursor and dragging your finger to that measure.
  20. Once the Entry Cursor is in measure 4 (anywhere in that measure), touch the Operations menu button and select Barlines & Braces from the menu.
  21. In the panel that appears, touch on the double barline button: to add a barline to the end of this measure, then touch the Done button at the top of the panel.
  22. Play the score by touching the Play score button on the Main toolbar.
  23. Once playback has finished, print the score by selecting the Print item from the File Menu on the Main Toolbar.

The completed score should look like:

- If you make a mistake during note entry, touch the Undo button on the Main Toolbar to remove the last note and shift the Entry Cursor back to that location.

- You can also remove errors by switching to Edit mode by touching the Edit Mode button selecting the image you want to remove and, once it is highlighted, touching the delete button.

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