NoteAbility Pro - FAQ

Changing Staff Types

How do I change the number of staff lines (say for a percussion clef) part way through a system?

Place the Entry Cursor at the location you want the staff type to change. Using the Staff Attributes pane of the Inspector panel, click on the check box Change From Cursor and use the slider to select a new staff type. Finally, click on the Change Type Only button. The position of the staff type change will adjust with the measures and beat positions of the score. If the Change From Cursor button is not selected, the staff type of the entire staff will be changed.

Staff Labels With Several Lines

How do I create staff labels that have more than one line?

The backslash character can be used in staff labels to generate multiple lines of text. For example the staff label "1\Ob.\2" would result in the following:

Adding Accidentals to Trills

How do I add accidentals above the trill symbol? The trill in the Symbol pane of the Inspector allows accidentals, but it does not permit a "wavy" line following the trill.

Draw a trill using the Trill tool (as you normally would) and add a graphical accidental using the commands "@sh" "@fl" or "@n". Use a smaller point size for the accidental (eg. 18 pt) and place it above the "tr" of the trill.

Extending Trills

How do I extend trills across systems without having another "tr" symbol appear on the continuation?

Trills should be continued using a line (drawn with the line tool)... In the Line Types inspector, one of the line types is a "wiggly" line (the 9th type on the slider). To set the size of the "wiggle" to match your trill size, set the point size (in the Control panel) to be twice the size of the trill image (if your image is 24 point set the image size of the line to 48). Use the larger pointsize only when drawing the line. Both a trill and a trill line are shown below:

Changing the Default Text Library and Speech Dictionary

How can I change the default Text Library and Speech Dictionary so I can use my own settings rather than having to load them each time I run NoteAbilityPro?

You can set the location of the default text library in the Text/Font pane of the NoteAbility Preferences panel. Click on the Select... button or type the path into the field below the button.

To reinstate the original text library type the following into the text field:

Percussion mallets

How do I include percussion mallet symbols on the score?

The simpliest way to include symbols is to drag a PDF file from the NoteAbility library onto the score. The percussion mallets are located in /Library/NoteAbilityLib/PERC_MALLETS. The image will be placed where you release it on the score. The image can be moved by dragging it by the bottom-left corner.

An even better method is to type the instrument name (using the Measure Text tool), and while the text box is still active, to drag the PDF image into the text box - it will appear at the cursor position. If the text and the image are not aligned correctly, select one or the other (text or image) and adjust their baseline using the Raise or Lower menu item in the Font/Text/Baseline menu.

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