Bob Pritchard (B.Mus, Mus.M, DMA) is a Canadian composer living in British Columbia. His works are performed and broadcast internationally and his research includes interactive performance, gesture tracking, and gesture-controlled speech synthesis. He creates video, software and music for his interactive works and produces short art films. He teaches music technology in the UBC School of Music, co-directs the Laptop Orchestra, and is a researcher with the UBC Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

Dr. Pritchard completed degrees at the U. of Toronto and UBC. Prior to teaching at the UBC School of Music he taught at Brock University, the UBC Dept. of Physics, and Douglas College.

Latest News:
June 11: Daniel Tsui and Jack Griffiths have refined the Hidden Markov Modelling for tracking dance movements. This will be used to control sample triggering and scrubbing, lighting presets, and lighting changes.
June 2: assisting with recording/processing for Emmalena Fredriksson's dance film Soft Palette
May 3: adding machine learning to KiCASS for gesture tracking libraries with multiple dancers
Apr 22: Synapses accepted for presentation at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2021
Apr 3: Array Music (Toronto) 40 Year Retrospective of Joseph Petric Includes performance of Breathe On Me
Mar 18: Paper accepted for NIME2021 conference Investigation of a Novel Shape Sensor for Musical Expression A. Champagne, Pritchard R., Dietz P., Fels S.
Mar 17: Array Music (Toronto) videoing of Joseph Petric performing Breathe On Me as part of their 40 Year Retrospective of Petric's career
Mar/Apr: Kaitlyn Fuhrman video recording of Strength in Oakland, Michigan.
Jan. 23 Review of Turning Point Ensemble 1+1+1+...project.
Jan. 23 Synapses video, premiered. David Owen, oboe; Emmalena Fredriksson, dance; Alaia Hamer, costumes/design; Daniel Tsui, lighting code, wifi boards; Sean Shaul, Jalil Chaudry, video; sound recording, Noah Valentine Meyer.
Nov. 29: Going Solo Together (Sweden) festival cancelled due to Covid: video shoot of new piece Ecdysis for festival, using light spine: Emmalena Fredriksson dance/choreography; Filip Gorécki music; Kayla Gardiner lighting design; Daniel Tsui costume lighting code; Daniel O'Shea and Lukáš Hyrman video.

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