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UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox

UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox:

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 1.02) for Max 6 or 7 (32-bit versions of Max only) here

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 1.01) for Max 6 or 7 (32-bit versions of Max only) here

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 1.0) for Max 6 or 7 (32-bit versions of Max only) here

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 0.99) for Max 6 (32-bit versions of Max only) here

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 0.98) for Max 5 or Max 6 here

  • Download the UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox (version 0.92) for Max 4.3 - 4.6 here

Please note that UBC Toolbox version 0.98 will only run on Max 5.0 or higher and some of the modules in versions 0.99 - 1.02 require Max 6 or Max 7

What's New:

  • UBC Toolbox modules (version 0.97) have been re-designed to support multiple instances of the modules within the same patch, so you can now have as many independent copies of the modules in the same patch as your computer CPU will allow. Each bpatcher can be given an additional numerical argument which alter its message names. For example, a delay module created with the argument - 6 will respond to messages such as [delayOnOff_6 1 ] or [ delayVolL_6 90 1000 ].

  • UBC Toolbox modules (version 0.98) has an object named UTB which will load and size the UBC toolbox bPatcher supplied as an argument. Create a new object, and type [ UTB reverb ] OR [ UTB reverbBP ] and when you hit return the bPatcher will be loaded. If the module requires arguments add the arguments after the toolbox name as in [ UTB auBP "AUMatrixReverb" ]

  • UBC Toolbox modules (version 0.99) has several new player modules designed for multichannel environments as well as some combined vbap / ambisonics multichannel spatializers.

  • UBC Toolbox modules (version 1.01) has been redesigned to be compatible with both Max 6 and Max 7

Requirements and Restrictions:

This version of the UBC Toolbox modules (1.01) require Max/MSP 6.0 or higher. Versions of the UBC Toolbox are available for Macintosh OS-X and for Windows 7 or 8. Some modules do not yet have externals compiled for Windows XP so they will not run on Windows hardware. Copyright and ownership information is included in the Info panel associated with each module. These modules may be freely used and distributed provided that:

  1. they are not sold or included as part of a software product for sale,
  2. that the code is not modified,
  3. that the UBCToolbox logo is not removed.


Once the UBC Toolbox modules have been downloaded and installed, feel free to work through the UBC Toolbox Tutorial created by Greg Newsome. This tutorial provides a step-by-step description of how to use the Player and Effects modules.

Anyone wishing to use NoteAbilityPro in conjunction with the UBC Toolbox should read through the Max/MSP - NoteAbilityPro Tutorial created by David Litke. This tutorial covers all the ways that Max/MSP and NoteAbilityPro can be used together in conjunction with the UBC Toolbox.

UBC Toolbox

Download Version 1.02

Download Version 1.01

Download Version 1.00

Download Version 0.99

Download Version 0.98

Download Version 0.92

List of Modules

Installation Instructions

General Notes

UBC Toolbox Tutorial

Max/MSP-NoteAbilityPro Tutorial


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